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The Lightning X Premium Medical Trauma Bag w D Kit is ideal for EMS agencies or rescue squads. First aid kits & supplies, trauma kits, & other emergency medical supplies to keep you prepped! Medical Gear Outfitters is paramedic-owned & operated. Medical Kits Designed To Get You Home Alive. Our multi-person trauma kits provide essential medical supplies for treating multiple individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries in a emergency. Medical First Aid Kits, Vacuum-Sealed Trauma Kits and Lifesaving Emergency Equipment.

IFAKs and Trauma Kits with tourniquets, chest seals, bandages, and gauze. Name brand components from North American Rescue, TacMed, Combat Medical, H&H. Answering The Call The Trauma Kit has been refined allowing all of your supplies to be kept in one location rather than strewn throughout your bag. Outdoor Adventure Medical Kits · Trauma & First Aid Boating Kit - open right facing. Trauma & First Aid Boating Kit. Sirchie is a proud supplier of high-quality first aid kits to the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Communities. A tactical kit on-hand and ready to go can make a world of difference when you're caught in a crunch. That's why experienced survivalists and outdoor. Get a first aid kit and stay prepared. Or, re-stock your existing first aid bag or survival first aid kit with high-quality supplies from the Red. Our wide selection of trauma kits & first aid kits can prepare you for any emergency from minor wounds to active shooter situations. Brose our selection. The EDC Trauma Kit™ is our compact solution for treating the number one preventable-cause-of-death as established by CoTCCC and TECC. (Committee on Tactical. The best first aid kit on the planet! Equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies, so you're prepared, confident, and protected. Don't leave your safety to chance in critical situations. Our comprehensive trauma kit provides the tools you need to survive and thrive. Shop now!

Tactical Trauma Kit #1 ; 3" Self Adhesive Bandage, 1, Burn Gel ; Safety Pins, 6, Pain Relievers ; BZK Antiseptic Wipes, 6, 1" Tape ; Latex Tourniquet, 1, Bandage. Reliable and Compact Military Tactical Trauma Kits and IFAKs. Designed specifically for the military. Fully customizable and trainable. Trauma Kits ; Deployment Trauma Kit 2 - Phokus Research Group. Deployment Trauma Kit 2 · $ ; Expedition Trauma Kit - Phokus Research Group · Expedition. More than a first aid kit or a stop-the-bleed kit, the Comprehensive trauma kit includes more than 35 different types of medical supplies to treat a multitude. The best variety of Tactical First Aid Kits and Bags. IFAKS to Large GO Bags. All kits are MOLLE compatible. Free Shipping available over $ Vehicle Trauma Kit - MedMag Series · 1 Nylon Bag · 2 Tourniquets · 1 soft litter · 1 PillPack MedMag · 1 SAM splint · 1 six-inch elastic wrap · 1 Cravat · 1. Trauma Kits and accessories available at Blue Force Gear – the revolutionary Trauma Kit NOW! series is available in 6 sizes. These can be purchased empty. Designed with input from USCCA, this Home Defense Trauma Kit is intended to provide the tools to respond to an emergency at home or on the road. Trauma kits contain first aid essentials as well as practical tools for keeping first responders safe while they perform their life-saving duties. Reflective.

Emergency trauma kit is packed in a bright orange, nylon bag with reflective strips and emergency response emblem. Medical bag has a carry handle, a shoulder. IFAK Trauma Kit Tourniquet Kit,First Aid Refill Kit,Severe Bleeding Control with Tourniquet,6” Israeli Compressed Bandages,Triangular Bandage for Tactical. Mass Casualty Trauma Kit contains life-saving materials with "Stop The Bleed" capabilities. Complete with six IFAK bags, tourniquets, chest seals and more. Lightning X Premium Medical First Aid Trauma Fill Kit C is a deluxe trauma fill kit plus AMBU bag, splints, trauma dressing, and more. Scherber Premium First Responder Trauma Kit W/Bleeding Control - Fully Stocked. Sale price$ USD. 6 reviews. Blue. Red. Orange. Black. Scherber.

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